Fundamental’nye problemy sovremennogo materialovedenia

(Basic Problems of Material Science (BPMS))

Vol. 13, No.4 (2016)



Dement T.V., Popova N.A., Kurzina I.A.
Changing phase composition and grain structure alloy Fe-Mn-C (1,2 wt.% C) under the influence of modification different concentrations of Mn


Kopytov A.V., Ryabchikov I.S.
The dependence of phonon spectra in BeSiX2 (X=P, As, Sb) crystals on structure of anionic sublattice


Dzuba Z.V., Udodov V.N., Spirin D.V.
Effect of interaction more distant neighbors index correlation length quasi one-dimensional Ising ferromagnet, closed into a ring


Demianov B.F., Plotnikov V.A., Yartsev V.I., Solomatin C.V.
Diamond-like structure of the amorphous carbon films


Gryzunova N.N., Vikarchuk A.A., Gryzunov A.M., Mal´cev A.V., Bekin V.V.
Energy-intensive defect structure obtained by electrodeposition of fcc-metals


Poletaev G.M., Novoselova D.V., Kaygorodova V.M., Zorya I.V., Starostenkov M.D., Pal S.
Structural transformation in nanocrystalline Ni under the effect of deformation


Kurinnaya R.I., Zgolich M.V., Starenchenko V.A.
Zone shear and statistics dislocation interactions in pure fcc materials


Zolnikov K.P., Kryzhevich D.S., Korchuganov A.V.
Synthesis of nanosized particles under explosion of metal wires. Molecular dynamics simulation


Surmenko E.L., Popov I.A., Sokolova T.N., Chebotarevsky Yu.V., Bessonov D.A., Rodionov I.V.
Phase transformations in heat area in ultrafast laser treatment of glass and ceramic


Kurzina I.A., Pukhova I.V., Savkin K.P., Medovnik A.V., Laput O.A., Chebodaeva V.V.
Surface property modification of ptfe by ion implantation and electron-beam treatment


Butukhanov V.A., Lygdenov B.D., Guriev A.M., Mei Shunqi, Tsydypov B.S.
Phase analysis of the diffusion layer on steel U8 obtained in the mixture containing ferrochromium


Kustov A.I., Migel I.A.
Analysis of the behavior of defect structures arising in solid state materials AMD-methods


Ivanov S.G., Guriev A.M., Маrkov A.M., Guriev M.A., Gabets A.V., Gabets D.A.
A study of microstructures of diffusion coatings on cast iron ЧМН-35M obtained by chemical-thermal processing


Koshuro V.A., Rodionov I.V., Fomin A.A., Fomina M.A.
Change of the phase and structural state and increase in mechanical characteristics of gas-thermal coverings on the titanium after microarc oxidation


Taziev R.M.
Surface acoustic wave properties in SrGdGa3O7 single crystal


Barannikova S.A., Bochkareva A.V., Li Yu.V., Lunev A.G., Shlyakhova G.V., Zuev L.B.
Investigation of the pictures of the localization plastic deformation and fracture of the two-layer metal material


Bryukhanov I.A., Larin A.V.
Molecular dynamic simulations of the partial dislocation loops nucleation and propagation in fcc metals


Abidzina V.V., Shamiankou U.M., Lipski A.E., Markidonov A.V., Starostenkov M.D.
Influence of plasma treatment on the structure and properties of 1.3343 and S390 high-speed steel


Valeeva A.Kh., Valeev I.Sh., Akhunova A.Kh.
DEFORM-2D modeling of contact pressure in sliding bearings from babbitt B83


Yafarov R.K., Kotinа N.M.
Preparation of composite materials for carbon high field electron source


Hasanov T.Kh.
Instrumental errors and key terms of optics


Krasavin A.L., Starostenkov M.D.

Computer simulation of temperature profiles in metal bilayer absorbers at heating

by a moving heat source