Fundamental’nye problemy sovremennogo materialovedenia

(Basic Problems of Material Science (BPMS))

Vol. 12, No.1 (2015)



Poplavnoi A.S.
Description of anysotropic sublattices in cubic crystals based on wyckoff groups and lattice complexes


Filimonov V.Yu., Sitnikov A.A., Loginova M.V., Yakovlev V.I., Negodyaev A.Z., Schreifer D.V.
Features of the structural phase transition in the mechanically activated powder mixtures 3Ti + Al at high-temperature synthesis under heat of high-frequency electromagnetic fields


Semyonov A.S., Murzaev R.T., Kistanov A.A., Bebikhov Yu.V.
Investigation of discrete breathers in hcp metals berillium and zirconium


Chumaevskii A.V., Lychagin D.V., Tarasov S. Yu., Alfyorova E.A., Kolubaev E.A.
Development misorientation fcc single crystals at compression


Basalaev Yu.M., Korotkov M. A., Sidorova A.V.
Electronic structure and chemical bond in crystals Ga2SbP and In2SbP


Skvortsov A.I., Karpov A.A.
Dependence of chromium content and annealing temperature on physical properties in vanadium containing ferroalloys


Кidyarov B.I., Rozhkov A.F., Pervukhina N.V, Kuratieva N.V.
The crystallization of non-centrosymmetric binary potassium-barium nitrate from the aqueous solution and the crystal structure determination


Poletaev G.M., Sannikov A.V., Novoselova D.V., Starostenkov M.D.
The study of deceleration of atom-atom collisions cascades by Ni-Al (100) interphase boundary


Basalaev Yu.M., Bulanakova L.N., Shvaiko I.L.
Modelling and research of crystals Sn2GeSi and Ag2BrCl with antichalcopyrite structure


Lygdenov B.D., Butukhanov V.A., Chernykh E.V., Jia Yin
Formation of the diffusion layer at electron beam vanadizing


Medvedev N.N., Starostenkov M.D., Zakharov P.V.
Collision of discrete breathers in 3D pt3Al model


Rysaeva L.Kh., Baimova J.A.
Effect of shear strain on the mechanical properties and structure of bulk carbon structures


Chaplygin P.A., Starostenkov M.D., Chaplygina A.A., Potekaev A.I.
Features of formation of antiphase domains in the alloy NiAl with stepwise cooling


Gyunter V.E., Marchenko E.S., Baigonakova G.A., Klopotov A.A.
Effect of heattreatment on physical properties and martensitic transformation of Ti50Ni48,7Mo0,3V1 alloy with shape memory effects


Nikonenko A.V., Popovа N.A., Kalashnikov M.P., Nikonenko E.L., Кursina I.А.
Effect of grain size on dispersion strengthening of a-titanium implanted with aluminum ions


Kashchenko M.P, Dzemilev K.N., Rybalko A.F., Rybalko N.M., Chashchina V.G.
Initiation of the martensite crystal ensemble formation by cryston carrier of shear


Mikitaev M.A., Kozlov G.V., MikitaevA.K.
The composite models application for elasticity modulus of blends poly(ethylene terephtalate)/poly(butylene terephtalate) description


Loginova M.V., Ivanov S.G., Yakovlev V.I., Guriev M.A., Dong Yajie, Guriev A.M.
Features of formation of metal coatings on carbon steel in magnetron sputtering


Kistanov A.A., Zhou Kun, Korznikova E.A., Fomin S.Yu., Dmitriev S.V.
Dependence of the degree of localization of discrete breathers in two-dimensional crystals on the amount of applied deformation


Kopytov A.V., Poplavnoi A.S.
Unfolding of phonon branches of superlattices and crystals with chalcopyrite lattice into sphalerite Brillouin zone


Bakhrunov K.K., Lygdenov B.D.
Comprehensive analysis initial gas environment for applying a protective diffusion coating


Romanov D.A, Goncharova E.N., Gromov V.E., Ivanov Yu.F., Teresov A.D., Tsellermaer V.Ya.
The elemental and phase analysis of the coating TiB2-Mo and TiB2-Ni, formed on the steel blasting method after electron-beam processing