Fundamental’nye problemy sovremennogo materialovedenia

(Basic Problems of Material Science (BPMS))

Vol. 11, No.2 (2014)



Guriev A.M., Ivanov S.G., Guriev M.A., Chernykh E.V., Bil’trikov N.G., Ivanova S.A.
Changing of the size and weight of the steel samples according to the method of diffusion saturation of the surface with boron and chromium


Kochubey V.A., Atuchin V.V., Pokrovsky L.D., Soldatenkov I.S., Troitskaia I.B., Kozhukhov A.S., Kruchinin V.N.
Structure, microrelief and optical properties of cobalt films formed by thermal evaporation in vacuum


Akhunova A.Kh., Dmitriev S.V., Valitova E.V., Valitov V.A.
Modelling of the pressure welding of samples having relief on the surface of a work piece


Markidonov A.V., Starostenkov M.D., Yashin A.V., Zakharov P.V.
Study of structural transformations in cylindrical voids by the method of molecular dynamics


Kornopoltsev V.N., Subonakov A.K.
The X-ray analysis of boride coating


Aleutdinova M.I., Fadin V.V., Kulikova O.A., Tolmachev A.I., Firsova R.V.
About wear of sliding electric contact steel/steel in air and liquids under electric current of high density


Slonov A.L., Kozlov G.V., Mikitaev A.K.
The filler aggregation influence on elasticity modulus of particulate-filled composites on the basis of polypropylene


Teys S.A., Romanyuk K.N.
Structural preconditions formation of Ge nanoclusters at the edges of stepson Si (111) surface deviation in the direction <-1-12>


Akhunova A.Kh., Dmitriev S.V., Safiullin A.R., Safiullin R.V., Safin F.F.
Calculation and measurement of displacement field in three-layered hollow structures for non-destructive testing by digital holographic interferometry


Kurkina L.A., Kharaev Yu.P.
Influence of temperature of diffusion saturation on the size of samples of steel at borating


Yakh’yaeva Kh.Sh., Kozlov G.V., Magomedov G.M.
The interconnection of macromolecular coils interceptions and entanglements density for amorphous polymers autohesion


Bukreeva K.A., Dmitriev S.V., Mulyukov R.R.
Effect of crystallographic orientation on the deformation mechanisms of NiAl nanofilm under uniaxial tension


Minin V.F., Minin I.V., Minin O.V.
The influence of liner material anisotropy to penetration of shaped charge


Kistanov A.A., Semenov A.S., Dmitriev S.V.
Initial conditions for modelling moving discrete breathers in two-dimensional crystal


Weckman A.V., Dem’yanov B.F., Dragunov A.S.
Study of the process grain boundary melting in aluminium


Kulabukhova N.A., Poletaev G.M., Starostenkov M.D.
Molecular dynamics investigation of hydrogen interaction with Pd and Ni nanoparticles


Kistanov A.A., Semenov A.S.
Collision of moving discrete breathers in two-dimensional monoatomic crystal


Rudov F.V., Sevastyanov E.Yu., Maksimova N.K., Sergeychenko N.V., Khludkova L.S.
The sensor of acetone based on thin films of SnO2 modified by noble metals


Musabirov I.I.
EBSD analysis Ni2.08Mn0.96Ga0.96 alloy


Ivanov S.G., Guriev M.A., Garmaeva I.A., Ivanova T.G., Guriev A.M.
Evolution of the chemical composition of the steel surface at the complex saturation boron, chromium and titanium


Zakharov P.V., Starostenkov M.D., Eremin A.M., Markodonov A.V.
Behavior of nonlinear localized modes near vacancies complexes in the crystal Pt3Al