Fundamental’nye problemy sovremennogo materialovedenia

(Basic Problems of Material Science (BPMS))

Vol. 9, No.4 (2012)



Zuev L.B., Barannikova S.A., Shlyakhova G.V., Kolosov S.V.
Research of structures on micro and macrolevels in technical superconductors deformed by drawing on the basis of alloy NbTi


Kurzina I.A., Bozhko I.А., Yushkov G.Yu., Oks E.М., Kozlov E.V., Sharkeev Yu.P.
Features of the formation and localization of nanosized intermetallic phases in the system Ti-Al at ion implantation


Zakharov P.V., Starostenkov M.D., Medvedev N.N., Markidonov A.V., Abidzina V.V.
Cooperative behavior of interstitial atoms in the misfit dislocation field at the boundary of Ni-Al bimetal


Kopytov A.V., Poplavnoi A.S., Ufimcev M.K.
Genesis of the state phonon spectrum sublattices in crystal CuGaS2


Nokhrin A.V.
Hall-Petch relationship in submicrocrystalline metals and alloys, prepared by severe plastic deformation methods


Kashchenko M.P., Dzhemilev K.N., Chashchina V.G.
Possible scenarios of bimodal sublaths structure formation in bainitic ferrite macroplate in the dynamic theory


Taziev R.M.
Pseudosurface acoustic waves in alpha-quartz single crystal


Zemtsova Yu.V., Beznosyuk S.A., Zhukovsky M.S.
The computer simulation of Mn doped A3B5 nanolayers


Marinova S.A., Basalaev Yu.M.
Electronic structure of β-SiO2 crystals doped by Mg, Cd


Khaimzon B.B, Soskova N.A., Sarychev V.D., Gromov V.E.
The mechanism of dissolution of particles of carbon in the titan at influence of the concentrated streams of energy


Poletaev G.M., Dmitrienko D.V., Diabdenkov V.V., Mikrukov V.R., Starostenkov M.D.
Research of structural transformations taking place in crystallization of metal by example of two-dimensional model


Xie Ji-Jiang, Guo Jin, Zhang Lai-Ming, Chen Fei, Jiang Ke, Andreev Yu.M., Atuchin V.V., Gorobets V.A., Lanskii G.V., Svetlichnyi V.A., Shaiduko A.V.
Frequency conversion of nanosecond CO2-laser into THz range in doped GaSe crystals


Kurzina I.A., Kalashnikov M.P., Popova N.A., Savkin K.P.
Features of the a2–Ti3Al formation in the ion-alloyed surface layers of a – titanium


Starostenkov M.D., Chaplygina A.A., Potekaev A.I., Kulagina V.V., Popova L.A.
The influence of antiphase boundaries on structural and energetic characteristics of the CuPt alloy in the order-disorder phase transformation


Kalashnikov M.P., Fedorishcheva M.V., Sergeev V.P., Neifeld V.V.
Structure-phase state of mylty-layer coating on the basis of Zr-Y-O / Si-Al-N


Smirnova A.N., Mushinsky S.S., Azanova I.S., Shevtsov D.I.
Formation of domain channel wavegide obtaind by proton-exchanged followed by annealing


Plotnikov V.A., Dem’yanov B.F., Makarov S.V., Cherkov A.G.
Atomic structure nanocrystals detonation diamond


Fahrutdinova Y.D., Solov`eva Yu.V., Valuiskaya L.A., Belov N.N., Starenchenko V.A.
Modelling the plastic deformation localization in terms of elastic-plastic continuum


Тeplyakova L.A., Tikhonova O.A., Kunitsyna T.S., Starenchenko V.A., Poltaranin M.A.
Quantitative characteristics of the localization of shear deformation in prismatic [001] – single crystal Ni3Fe


Cherevko A.G.
Evaluation the coefficient of nucleation-fluctuation formula to determining the surface tension


Markidonov A.V., Starostenkov M.D., Abidzina V.V.
Vacancies aggregation initiated by the post-cascade shock waves


Ivanov S.G. Kurkina L.A., Greshilov A.D., Guriev A.M.
Research of dependence of morphology diffusive boronizing of coverings on carbonaceous steels from structure and fraction sating mix