Fundamental’nye problemy sovremennogo materialovedenia

(Basic Problems of Material Science (BPMS))

Vol. 10, No.1 (2013)



Taziev R.M.
Analysis of surface and leaky acoustic wave properties in YCOB single crystal


Markidonov A.V., Starostenkov M.D., Yashin A.V.
The structural transformation of vacancy pores in the irradiation of the material


Ashikkalieva K.H.
Laser-stimulated periodic structures on the monocrystal silicon surface


Khaneft A.V.
The mechanism of delayed conduction in pulsed irradiation of silver halides


Fedorov V.A., Kochergina Yu.A., Karyev L.G.
Low-dimensional structures of surface formed in ionic crystals during alloying metal under the influence of heat and electric fields


Kurzina I.А., Nikonenko А.V., Kalashnikov M.P, Popova N.А.
Influence of the grain size on the mechanical properties of a-titanium, implanted aluminum ions


Grishaeva E.A., Kalenskii A.V., Anan’eva M.V., Zvekov A.A.
Non-isothermal model of branched chain explosive decomposition reaction in energetic materials


Plotnikov V.A., Dem’yanov B.F., Solomatin K.V., Makarov S.V., Yartzev V.I.
Atomic structure of carbon nanofilm, obtained by condensation of vapor phase


Gavrilyuck A.O., Pak V.Ch., Miklin M.B., Nevostruev V.A.
Formation of paramagnetic centers in irradiated barium nitrate at 77 K


Blednova Zh.M., Stepanenko M.A.
Structurization evolution at the superficial Modifying by a material with effect of memory of the form on the basis of TiNi from the position of the fraktalno-sinergetichesky approach


Vaschuk E.S., Budovskih E.A., Raikov S.V., Gromov V.E.
Regime influence of electroexplosive borocoppering and electron-beam treatment of carbon steel on distribution microhardness on depth


Avtokratova E.V., Sitdikov O.S.
Structure and superplasticity of an Al-5.8Mg-0.32Sc alloy after processing, including severe plastic deformation and rolling


Khorev I.E., Zakharov V.M., Yarosh V.V.
Physical peculiarities of destruction of metal bodies during their high-velocity collision


Mukhametrakhimov M.Kh.
Application of nanostructured materials to produce three-layer composites with different structures of sheet titanium alloy VT6


Bokhoeva L.A., Baldanov A.B., Rogov V.E.
Durability of ring samples from layered composite materials with interlaminar defects


Yashin A.V., Chaplygina A.A., Starostenkov M.D., Markidonov A.V., Sinitsa N.V., Myasnichenko V.S., Soskov A.A.
Structural transformation in nanofiber of CuAu I alloy during uniaxial tension deformation in direction <001>


Rodionov I.V.
Metal-oxide implantation systems in modern medical technology


Guriev A.M., Kurkina L.A., Greshilov A.D., Ivanov S.G.
Optimization of structure of the sating mix and technological parameters of process of boronizing carbonaceous steels


Poletaev G.M., Sannikov A.V., Mikrukov V.R.
Research of atomic structure and diffusion permeability of interface boundary Ni-Al


Mushinsky S.S., Kichigin V.I., Petukhov I.V., Minkin A.M., Skachkov A.P., Salgaeva U.O., Malinina L.N., Shevtsov D.I., Volyntsev A.B.
Structure and properties of proton exchange layers on +Z and −Z surfaces on lithium niobate crystals


Ivanov A.M., Platonov A.A., Petrov P.P.
Investigation of defectiveness and the phase state of the welded joint of steel BSt3sp subjected to thermal treatment and severe plastic deformation


Ivanov S.G., Guriev A.M., Rusakova A.V., Guriev M.A., Starostenkov M.D.
Superficial microstructure of the multicomponent diffusive coverings on the basis of boron


Raikov S.V., Gromov V.E., Ivanov Yu.F., Sherstobitov D.A., Budovskich E.A., Konovalov S.V.
Experimental interpretation of modeling process of carbide particles formation under the concentrated energy flows action


Babkina O.V., Kolkov K.M., Knyazev A.S., Nazimok V.F., Zhukov A.S.
Simulation of the processes by the equipment construction of for lactide synthesis


Butukhanov V.A., Sukhanov N.G., Lygdenov B.D., Galaa O.
The diffusion saturation of steels in the mixture V+Al+B4C


Konovalova E.V., Perevalova O.B., Koneva N.A., Ivanov K.V., Kozlov E.V.
The effect of degree long-range order on parameters of microstructure with L12 superstructure in alloy Ni3Mn


Udodov V.N.
Possibility of transitions of fractional order and heat capacity of the one-dimensional Ising model