Fundamental’nye problemy sovremennogo materialovedenia

(Basic Problems of Material Science (BPMS))

Vol. 10, No.2 (2013)



Soldatova M.I., Khodorenko V.N., Ilina E.S., Gunther V.E.
Structure and martensite transformations in porous TiNi-based copper doped alloys


Zhukovsky M. S., Beznosyuk S. A., Vanchinkhuu J.
Theoretical bases and computer modeling of the femtosecond pulse synthesis in materials of active centers of nanostructure transformations


Kulagina V.V., Klopotov A.A., Potekaev A.I., Perepelkin M.A., Tchumaewskiy A.V., Klopotov V.D., Starostenkov M.D.
Features of binary intermetallic compound formation with Е93 structures. Crystallogeometryc factors


Kochubey V.A., Atuchin V.V., Kozhukhov A.S., Kruchinin V.N., Pokrovsky L.D.
Structure, micromorphology and optical properties of titanium films formed by thermal evaporation in vacuum


Miklin M.B., Kriger L.D., Lyrchshikov S.Yu.
The photolysis of crystals of KClO4:NO3-


Mamylov S.G.
Simulation of autocatalytic reactions in a solid. Clusters free energy


Filyak M.M., Kanygina O.N.
Regularities of growth of anodic alumina in alkaline electrolytes


Sarkisov S.Yu., Kosobutsky A.V., Brudnyi V.N., Vavilin E.V.
Influence of irradiation by high energy electrons on electrical and optical properties of doped and undoped GaSe crystals


Kiseleva S.F., Popova N.A, Koneva N.A., Kozlov E.V.
Contributions of components of crystal lattice bending-torsion stress tensor into internal stresses of deformed material


Ignatova A.N.
Mechanism of deformation, cracking and destruction of structural components of synthetic mineral alloys


Ermakova E.N., Kosinova M.L., Rumyantsev Yu.M., Alferova N.I., Kozhemyachenko S.I., Yushina I.V., Kuznetsov F.A.
Synthesis and characterization of silicon carbonitride films produced from bis(trimethylsilyl)ethylamine and helium mixture


Golub’ P.D., Nasonov A.D., Novitchihina T.I.
Factors of thermal pressure of polymeric materials


Starostenkov M.D., Zakharov P.V., Medvedev N.N., Markidonov A.V., Eryomin A.M., Soskov A.A., Mikrukov V.R.
Peculiarities of the process of masstransfer in various bimetals containing vacancy complexes in the field mismatch dislocations


Gutkovich S.A., Mikhalenko M.G.
Features of plasticized compositions on the basis of polyvinylchloride (PVC) with different molecular weight


Markidonov A.V., Starostenkov M.D., Pavlovskaya E.P., Yashin A.V., Poletaev G.M.
Low temperature dissolution pore near the surface of the crystal under the action of shock waves


Zagulyaev D.V., Litvinenko N.G., Komissarova I.A., Konovalov S.V., Gromov V.E.
Regularities of microhardness copper change after magnetic treatment


Kornopol’tsev V.N.
Intensification of borating processes in powder


Konovalova E.V., Perevalova O.B., Koneva N.A., Ivanov K.V., Kozlov E.V.
The effect of distortion of crystal lattice and mean-squared displacements of atoms on the parameters of twin grain boundaries in alloys based on the cooper


Nomokonov D.V.
Influence of diffusion corrections on the acoustic transport of periodical sequence of charge bunches


Koneva N.A., Trishkina L.I., Cherkasova T.V., Kozlov E.V.
Microlayer dislocation substructure: formation and evolution at deformation


Aleutdinova M.I., Fadin V.V., Tolmachev A.I.
Changes of surface layer chemical elements concentration and contact characteristics of metal graphite containing composites under effect of friction at current collection


Kravchenko V.S., Kosinova M.L.
Phase composition of the films of the system Nb-Ge