Fundamental’nye problemy sovremennogo materialovedenia

(Basic Problems of Material Science (BPMS))

Vol. 10, No.3 (2013)



Kozlov E.V., Smirnov A.N., Popova N.A., Knyaskov V.L., Kalashnikov M.P., Knyaskov K.V., Nikonenko E.L., Fedorisheva M.V., Sizonenko N.R., Koneva N.A.
Development of structure-phase state of onmelting alloy at introducing a nanopowder


Bugaeva I.A., Golovko O.V.
Effect of hydrostatic pressure on the electronic structure and chemical bonding of magnesium sulfate (α-, β- phases) and calcium


Gafner Yu.Ya., Gafner S.L., Goloven’ko J.V.
Use of "order-disorder" transition in Au nanoclusters by data recording processes


Barannikova S.A., Kosinov D.A., Nadezhkin M.V., Lunev A.G., Zuev L.B., Gromov V.E.
Study patterns of localization of plastic deformation in the electrolytic hydrogenation of low carbon steels


Murzaev R.T., Dmitriev S.V.
Simulation of the impurity segregation during annealing of the two-dimensional polycrystal


Koneva N.A., Popova N.A., Kalashnikov M.P., Nikonenko Е.L., Fedorisheva M.V., Pasenova A.D., Kozlov E.V.
Effect of deformation temperature on phase composition and structure of Ni3Al intermetallic alloyed by B and Hf


Rodionov I.V., Fomin A.A.
Research a chemical composition and morphology of the oxidic coverings received on periosteal steel implants by thermal air oxidizing atmosphere


Zemlyakova N.V.
Change shear modulus and specific energy during heating ultrafine aluminum alloy 1421


Chepkasov I.V., Gafner Yu.Ya.
General mechanisms of clusters consolidation of copper in condensational processes


Nabiev R.R., Nasyrov I.I., Nuriev N.K., Deberdeev T.R., Deberdeev R.Y., Ulitin N.V.
Deformative birefringence of densely cross-linked polymers with optoelectronic purpose in the view of heredity theory


Poletaev G.M., Dmitrienko D.V., Diabdenkov V.V., Sannikov A.V., Starostenkov M.D., Sitnikov A.A.
Molecular dynamics research of the conditions of formation of the disclination-free triple junctions of grain boundaries in metals


Dibirova K.S., Kozlov G.V., Magomedov G.M.
The physical grounds of nanocomposites polymer/organoclay with semicrystalline matrix reinforcement


Gafner Yu.Ya., Gafner S.L., Zamulin I.S., Redel’ L.V.
Estimation of heat capacity of palladium nanoclusters with molecular dynamics method


Tserenjav E., Fuertauer S., Flandorfer H., Ipser H., Lygdenov B.
Calorimetric studies of lithium-stannum system


Starostenkov M.D., Aish M.M., Sitnikov A.A.
Deformation of different nickel nanowires at 300 K


Beznosyuk S.A., Zhukovsky M.S., Zhukovsky T.M.
Theoretical bases nanoelectromechanical systems of plasmoid nanobots


Olesyuk O.V, Romanov D.A., Budovskikh E.A., Gromov V.E.
Structure of wear resistant coatings TiB2-Al и TiC-Mo, received by electric-explosive spraying


Klypin A.A.
Properties of metal materials subjected to external energy action


Zharkov A.S., Petrov E.A., Ananyeva E.S.
Synthesis, properties and prospects of application detonation nanodiamonds in the composite


Guriev M.А., Alontseva D.L., Ivanov S.G., Garmaeva I.A., Guriev A.M., Sitnikov A.A.
Research of the element composition of boride coating on 45 and 45L steels


Markidonov A.V., Starostenkov M.D., Pavlovskaya E.P., Yashin A.V., Medvedev N.N., Zakharov P.V., Sitnikov A.A.
Splitting vacancy voids in grain boundary region of a shock post-cascade wave