Fundamental’nye problemy sovremennogo materialovedenia

(Basic Problems of Material Science (BPMS))

Vol. 18, No.1 (2021)



L.A. Kazantseva, M.P. Kalashnikov, I.A. Kurzina
Influence of modifying mixtures on hardening of Al-Si alloy of AK7ч (Russian grade)


D.A. Ryzhkova, S.L. Gafner, Yu.Ya. Gafner
Thermal stability of the small size silver clusters structure with initial amorphic morphology


A.M. Eremin, P.V. Zakharov, A.I. Cherednichenko, M.D. Starostenkov, M.P. Faradzheva
Statistical characteristics of a discrete breather in a CuPt7 crystal with orthogonal and trigonal configurations


E.S. Prusov, V.B. Deev, A.V. Vlasov
Selection of components for cast metal-matrix composites based on specific stiffness


L.A. Kazantseva, A.P. Khrustalyov, V.V. Platov, I.A. Zhukov, M.P. Kalashnikov, I.A. Kurzina
Influence fluorides of rare-earth element on the structural-phase state of aluminum alloy AK9


E.A. Ozhiganov, S.V. Konovalov
Acoustic imaging step process deformation of structural steel 0.09C-2Mn-1Si-Fe


A.M. Guriev, S.G. Ivanov, M.A. Guriev, E.V. Chernykh
The structure of the diffusion boride layer obtained as a result of the repair of a worn-out boride coating


G.M. Poletaev, I.V. Zorya
Influence of uniaxial deformation on the migration rate of <111> and <100> tilt boundaries in nickel


V.A. Valitov, F.Z. Utyashev, E.V. Galieva
Effect of thermomechanical treatment on the formation of ultrafine-grained and nanocrystalline structures in superalloys and their effect on superplastic properties


Yu.F. Ivanov, V.V. Pochetukha, D.A. Romanov, V.E. Gromov
Structure and properties of coating based on silver, nickel and nitrogen formed by the combined method on copper


Yu.V. Bebikhov, S.V. Dmitriev
Pierls-Nabarro potensial of topological solitons in discrete systems


I.A. Shepelev, S.Yu. Fomin, E.A. Korznikova
Molecular dynamics simulation of high speed loading of 2D boron nitride


B.A. Greenberg, M.A. Ivanov, M.S. Pushkin, A.V. Inozemtsev, A.M. Patselov
Evolution of self-organization process under explosive welding: microstructures and interfaces


S.G. Ivanov, A.A. Berdychenko
Features of metallography of the welded joint of AMg6 + AMg6 aluminum plates after explosion welding


Yu.F. Ivanov, A.I. Gusev, A.I. Romanov, N.A. Kozyrev, V.E. Gromov
Structure, elemental and phase composition of wear-resistant surfacing with flux-cored wire of the Fe-C-Si-Mn-Cr-Ni-Mo system


S.A. Zemlyakov, M.A. Guryev, A.M. Guryev
Increasing the wear resistance of parts made of high-alloy steels for cold-forming using cryogenic treatment


A.Y. Morkina, M. Singh, Yu.V. Bebikhov, E.A. Korznikova, S.V. Dmitriev
Variation of specific heat in the Fermi-Pasta-Ulam chain due to energy localization


A.G. Nikiforov, B.F. Demyanov, D.A. Nikiforov, A.E. Levichev, S.L. Mikerin, A.S. Kuch'yanov, M.D. Starostenkov
Features of the surface structure of the CeIr photocathode