Fundamental’nye problemy sovremennogo materialovedenia

(Basic Problems of Material Science (BPMS))

Vol. 16, No.2 (2019)



L.Kh. Rysaeva, A.I. Klyavlina
Dynamics of dislocation dipols in graphene at finite temperatures


S.A. Nevskiy
Mathematical model of formation of surface nanostructures of pre-eutectic silumin during electron beam processing


V.V. Soloviev, S.V. Konovalov, E.D. Kriukova
Influence of the interdelectrode medium on the formation of powder materials by the method of electroerosion dispersion during the use of electrodes from titanium alloy


L.V. Spivak, N.E. Shchepina
Differential scanning kalorimetry of dissolution and precipitation processes of the intermetallide phase in α-solid solution of D1 alloy


S.V. Melentyev, T.D. Malinovskaya, A.I. Potekaev, A.A. Klopotov, V.A. Litvinova, S.V. Pavlov
Features of the impact of carbon fillers on the morphology and electrophysical properties of polyurethane resistive composites


I.V. Zorya, G.M. Poletaev, M.D. Starostenkov
Crystallization and diffusion in the region of triple junctions of grain boundaries in the presence of impurities of light elements


A.M. Ignatova, M.V. Yudin, M.N. Ignatov
Degradation changes in the structure and properties of molten mica-crystalline material based on fluoroplogopite during its operation


Yu.F. Ivanov, V.E. Gromov, D.V. Zagulyaev, O.S. Tolkachev, Yu.A. Rubannikova
Electron-plasma modification of hypoeutectic silumin surface by titanium and yttrium


M.A. Guriev, S.A. Zemlyakov, A.M. Guriev, S.Yu. Kopylov, S.G. Ivanov
Structure and properties of high-strength steel with high plastic indicators


A.E. Tussupzhanov, D. Yerbolatuly, A. Jak, L.I. Kveglis
Structural-phase transformation in the zones of localization of plastic deformation of Co-Ni-Nb the alloy


U.M. Shamiankou, V.V. Abidzina
Influence of glow discharge on structure-phase state of two-layered wear resistant protective titanium based coating


D.A. Gabets, A.V. Gubets, A.M. Markov
Investigation of the effect of nickel and molybdenum on the compressive strength of gray cast iron


L.B. Atlukhanova, M.A. Rizakhanov, G.V. Kozlov
The reinforcement mechanisms of nanocomposites polymer/carbon nanotubes with glassy and rubber-like matrix


S.A. Zemlyakov, A.M. Guriev, S.S. Shapovalov, M.A. Guriev, S.G. Ivanov, E.V. Chernykh
Microstructure of diffusion coating on steel 30XMA after simultaneous boron-chromium-titanation under vacuum conditions


M.B. Leskov, V.I. Mali, F.M. Noskov, A.K. Abkaryan, L.I. Kveglis
Formation of a structural-phase state of an Al-Ti multilayer composite produced by explosion welding during multi-stage annealing


A.V. Markidonov, M.D. Starostenkov, P.V. Zakharov, D.A. Lubyanoy, V.N. Lipunov, V.V. Abidzina
Influence of shock post-cascade waves on the structural changes occuring in the depletted zone of the fcc crystal


B.D. Lygdenov, Sh. Mei
The formation of the diffusion layer in terms of the use of different technologies for surface hardening steel products


E.A. Nosova
Study of sheet aluminum alloys crystallographic texture entropy after deformation and heat treatment


T.V. Andrukhova, O.O. Eremeenkova, V.A. Plotnikov
The interaction of low-level laser emission with human tear fluid, the method of biokrystallography