Fundamental’nye problemy sovremennogo materialovedenia

(Basic Problems of Material Science (BPMS))

Vol. 15, No.2 (2018)



A.S. Zhukov, B.K. Barakhtin, P.A. Kuznetcov
Desublimation as a cause of material hardening in the process of selective laser melting


N.V. Ababkov, A.N. Smirnov, N.A. Popova, N.A. Koneva, E.L. Nikonenko
Investigation of the structure and properties of the metal of the destroyed and not destroyed steam pipelines of steel 20 after the same lifetime


K.A. Krylova, J.A. Baimova, R.T. Murzaev, R.R. Mulyukov
Energy exchange between discrete breathers in graphane in thermal equilibrium


D.V. Nomokonov
Ambipolar acoustic transport of solitary pair of charge bunches


R.G. Khazgaliev, A.R. Khalikov
Modeling of titanium and nickel diffusion in welding process by approximation of a hard crystal lattice


O.V. Bachurina, R.T. Murzaev, S.V. Dmitriev
Two-dimensional nonlinear vibrational mode in nickel


O.A. Maslova, A.E. Pyatkova, S.A. Beznosyuk, M.S. Zukovsky, T.M. Zukovsky
Computer simulation of capture of molecular dimers C2, N2, O2, Si2, S2 by nanocarbon «bracelet» actuator


I.V. Zorya, G.M. Poletaev, Starostenkov M.D.
Molecular-dynamics study of the influence of hydrogen impurity on migration mobility of grain boundaries in palladium


E.A. Alfyorova, D.V. Lychagin
The interconnection of the structural elements of the deformation relief and the dislocation substructures in  nickel single crystals


I.M. Imshinetskiy, D.V. Mashtalyar, A.V. Puz’, S.L. Sinebryukhov, S.V. Gnedenkov
Electrochemical and mechanical characteristics of coatings formed by plasma electrolytic oxidation on an MA8 magnesium alloy in electrolytes containing TiN nanoparticles


L.Kh. Rysaeva, F.Kh. Galiakhmetov, J.A. Baimova, D.S. Lisovenko, V.A. Gorodtsov
Effect of the morphology of cell structures based on carbon nanoribbons on their stability


P.G. Rizvanova, G.M. Magomedov, G.V. Kozlov
The influence of aggregation of disperse nanofiller on elastic modulus of polymer nanocomposite


I.V. Perinskaya, L.E. Kuts
Formation structure С-Сu on surface of zirconium ion-beam treatment


M.N. Semenova, A.S. Semenov, Yu.V. Bebikhov, D.S. Ryabov, G.M. Chechin, Zh.G. Rakhmatullina, E.A. Korznikova, S.V. Dmitriev
Some characteristics of one-dimensional delocalized nonlinear vibrational modes of triangular lattice with Morse interaction


Yu.Ya. Gafner, S.L. Gafner, L.V. Redel'
Use of nanostructures as the cells of PCM memory


I.M. Imshinetskiy, D.V. Mashtalyar, A.N. Minaev, S.L. Sinebryukhov, S.V. Gnedenkov
Plasma electrolytic oxidation of magnesium alloy MA8 in electrolytes containing TiN nanoparticles


A.M. Gur’ev, S.G. Ivanov, M.A. Gur’ev, E.V. Chernykh
Microstructure of the diffusion coating obtained by simultaneous saturation with boron, chromium and titanium of carbon steel 45


P.V. Zakharov, M.D. Starostenkov, A.M. Eremin, I.S. Lutsenko
Effect of nonlinear suprtransmission in Pt3Al crystal


F.I. Ivanov, Yu.A. Zakharov, E.V. Isakova
Ferroelectric properties and the mechanism of the initiation of the explosion of crystalline lead azide at energetic influences