Fundamental’nye problemy sovremennogo materialovedenia

(Basic Problems of Material Science (BPMS))

Vol. 15, No.1 (2018)



K.E. Korzhneva, L.I. Isaenko, A.P. Yelisseyev, M.S. Molokeev
Experimental study of K2Ba(NO3)4 crystallization processes from solution-melt


A.V. Gurskikh
Effect of aluminum content and strain regimes on the structure and properties of sintered aluminum bronze


D.V. Novoselova, G.M. Poletaev, I.V. Zorya, M.D. Starostenkov
Investigation of the migration of the tilt boundaries triple junction in fcc metals


S.Sh. Sangadiev, A.A. Mashanov, D.S. Sanditov
Education of the hole and delokalization of atom in liquids, amorphous polymers and glasses


A.A. Klopotov, A.I. Potekayev, A.A. Popov, E.S. Marchenko, V.D. Klopotov, V.V. Kulagina, G.A. Baigonakova
Correlations between crystallogeometric parameters and structural phase states features in R-Me - based alloys (Me = Fe, Co, Ni, Ru, Pd, Os, Ir, Pt, Ga)


F.I. Ivanov, Y.A. Zakharov, K.V. Chmeleva
Thermally activated processes in β-lead azide whiskers


Yu.Ya. Gafner, S.L. Gafner, S.P. Bardakhanov
Synthesis of copper nanoparticles by electron beam evaporation: a complex study


V.D. Sarychev, S.A. Nevskii, A.Yu. Granovskii, A.P. Semin, V.E. Gromov
Formation mechanisms of gradient structural phase states in the materials


M.V. Loginova, A.V. Sobachkin, A.A. Sitnikov, V.I. Yakovlev, V.Yu. Filimonov, S.G. Ivanov, A.Yu. Myasnikov, A.Z. Negodyaev, A.V. Gradoboev
Structural state of activated powder mixture Ti + Al with changing time of mechanical activation and doses of gamma-irradiation


M.I. Aleutdinova, V.V. Fadin
Character of wear of sintered composites based on bearing steel at boundary friction with current collection against copper


N.A. Koneva, L.I. Trishkina, T.V. Сherkasova
Defect accumulation at plastic deformation of polycrystalline alloys depending on stacking fault energy and solid solution hardening


B.A. Greenberg, M.A. Ivanov, V.P. Pilyugin, M.S. Pushkin, T.P. Tolmachev, A.M. Patselov
Structural evolution and formation of microcracks in ceramics and glass subjected to torsion under pressure


A.M. Gur’ev, S.G. Ivanov, M.A. Gur’ev, A.A. Berdychenko, E.V. Chernykh
Influence of heat treatment modes on the structure and physical and mechanical properties of high-speed steel


S.V. Konovalov, I.A. Komissarova, X. Chen, D.A. Kosinov, V.E. Gromov, Yu.F. Ivanov
Research of Ti-alloy subjected to electron beam treatment resulting in fatigue service life increase


Yu.F. Ivanov, P.V. Moskvin, E.A. Petrikova, O.V. Krysina, O.V. Ivanova, A.A. Klopotov, O.S. Tolkachev, M.S. Petyukevich, Yu.A. Kakushkin
Alloying of aluminum with copper as a result of irradiation of the “film (Cu)/(Al) substrate” system with an intense pulse electron beam


Mei Shunqi, B.D. Lygdenov, A.M. Gur’ev, V.A. Butukhanov
Formation of the phase composition for multicomponent diffusion saturation in boron-based mixtures


V.E. Gromov, A.A. Yur’ev, Yu.F. Ivanov, R. Qin, A.M. Glezer, A.P. Semin
Transformation of structure in 100-m differentially quenched rails at long term operation


D.L. Alontseva, S.G. Voinarovych, O. N. Kyslytsia, A.V. Dzhes, A.V. Russakova, N.V. Prokhorenkova, A.L. Krasavin, M.O. Leonova
Structural-phase transformations in coatings from biocompatible materials applied by microplasma spraying on to titanium implants


D.A. Romanov, E.A. Martusevitch, V.E. Gromov, Yu.F. Ivanov, A.P. Semin, A.D. Filyakov
Structure and properties of die steels modified by electroexplosion method