Fundamental’nye problemy sovremennogo materialovedenia

(Basic Problems of Material Science (BPMS))

Vol. 14, No.4 (2017)



Novoselova D.V., Poletaev G.M., Kovalenko V.V., Starostenkov M.D.
Features of the molecular dynamics model of migration of the triple junction of grains in metals


Redel' L.V.
Computer analysis of conductivity in gas sensors based on SnO2 nanoparticles


Yuryev A.A., Gromov V.E., Grishunin V.A., Peregudov O.A., Ivanov Y.F., Nikitina E.N., Bashenko L.P.
Fracture mechanisms of plate perlite of differentially hardened rails in long term operation


Greenberg B.A., Pushkin M.S., Tankeev A.P., Inozemtsev A.V.
Fractal analysis of the welded joints (Cu-Ta, Cu-Ti)


Plotnikov V.A., Makarov S.V.
Antifriction and hardening properties of the surface of steel treated detonation diamond crystals


Dmitriev A.A., Polyakov V.V., Kolubaev E.A.
Diagnostics of aluminum welded alloys based on analysis of acoustic emission signals


Loginova M.V., Yakovlev V.I., Filimonov V.Yu., Sitnikov A.A., Sobachkin A.V., Ivanov S.G., Gradoboev A.V.
Morphology and structural characteristics of powder mechanocomposites Ti + Al after irradiation


Baranov M.A.
Indications of properties of crystals with superstructure B2 in the framework of electron shells model in the form of diffuse spheres


Makarov S.V., Olimov M.G., Plotnikov V.A., Orlova Yu.A., Evtushenko, E.E., Shutkin A.A.
Formation of the diffusion zone at the aluminum/titanium interface


Weckman A.V., Ageykova L.N., Demyanov B.F.
Basic structural units of special tilt grain boundaries with the misorientation axis [110]


Popov V.A.
Diffusion of gas from bubble in melt


Akhunova A.Kh., Valitov V.A.
Computer modeling of the process of stamping the thin-wall conic detail from steel


Baimova J.A., Lisovenko D.S., Gorodtsov V.A., Murzaev R.T., Dmitriev S.V.
Investigation of metalic nanotubes by molecular dynamics simulation


Balaeva S.M., Kozlov G.V.
A carbon nanotubes aggregation in polymer nanocomposites


Galieva E.V., Bataev N.V., Valitov V.A., Lutfullin R.Ya.
Solid-phase welding of dissimilar EP741NP and EK61 nickel-based alloys with the different geometry surface


Demyanov B.F., Nikiforov A.G., Starostenko A.A., Tsyganov A.S., Medvedev A.M., Semenov Yu.I.
The microstructure of the melt zone in stainless steel after deep electron-beam exposure


Safin E.V., Malysheva S.P., Galeyev R.M.
Evaluation of the titanium alloy VT6 mechanical properties with submicrocrystalline and bimodal submicro-micro grain structures under static, dynamic and cyclic loading


Mukhametrakhimov M.Kh., Lutfullin R.Ya.
The effect of the oxide film on the solid-state weldability of the titanium VT6 sheet at lower temperatures


Markidonov A.V., Starostenkov M.D., Grishunin V.A., Bashenko L.P.
Atomistic mechanism of migration of twist grain boundary (110) under the influence of the shock post-cascade wave on an example of nickel


Shamiankou U.M., Belaya M.A., Abidzina V.V., Lipski A.E.
Influence of glow-discharge treatment on structure, phase composition, hardness and wear resistance of high-speed steel


Gur’ev A.M., Gur’ev M.A., Ivanov S.G., Loginova M.V.

Phase composition evolution of diffusion coatings of Р6М5 steel with multicomponent

saturation with boron, chromium and titanium