Fundamental’nye problemy sovremennogo materialovedenia

(Basic Problems of Material Science (BPMS))

Vol. 14, No.3 (2017)



Bachurina O.V., Murzaev R.T., Dmitriev S.V.
Investigation of planar vibrational mode in fcc nickel in [111] plane


Bakushev S.V.
Valuation of the coefficient of transverse deformation of geometrical and physical nonlinear continuum medium


Ivanov Yu.F., Gromov V.E., Yur'ev A.A., Peregudov O.A., Konovalov S.V., Morozov K.V., Grishunin V.A.
Structure and properties gradients of surface layers of differentially quenched rails after long term operation


Redel' L.V.
Calculation of susceptibility of sensor on the basis of SnO2 nanoparticles to carbon monoxide


Gordienok N.I., Zagvozdin I.N., Kopytov A.V., Pedikov V.M.
Anisotropy of elastic wave propagation in the tetragonal AgAlS2, AgAlSe2


Akhunova A.Kh., Valeeva A.Kh., Valeev I.Sh.
Calculation of the damage parameter for the equal channel angular pressing of babbit Sn11%Sb5,5%Cu using computer simulations


Spivak L.V., Sosunov A.V.
Effect of temperature treatment on the morphology of the surface of amorphous iron-based alloy


Kuznetsov A.E., Pyshnograi G.V., Cherpakova N.A.
The influence of the Weissenberg number on the structure of polymer melts flows in channels with sudden contraction


Sarychev V.D., Granovskii A.Yu., Nevskii S.A., Gromov V.E., Temlyantsev M.V.
The model of the formation of a heterogeneous plasma flow in the electric explosion of conductors in a plasma accelerator with coaxial electrode arrangement


Trung N.T.H., Phuong H.S.M., M.D. Starostenkov, Romanenko V.V., Chernykh E.V.
The study of some characteristics of NiAl intermetalide by the method of molecular dynamics in EAM potentials approximation


Guriev М.А., Ivanov S.G., Guriev А.М., Mei Shunqi, Yan Xiaoyu, Wei Shunyon
Surface hardening of steel products with boron together with metal


Bachurina O.V., Murzaev R.T., Dmitriev S.V.
Simulation of linear discrete breather in nickel


Novoselova D.V., Poletaev G.M., Kovalenko V.V., Starostenkov M.D.
Determination of the ratio of grain boundary tensions in a triple junction by the molecular dynamics method


Cherpakova N.A., Kuznetsov A.E., Pyshnograi G.V.
Modeling of nonlinear viscoelastic polymeric materials at their large periodic deformation


Starostenkov M.D., Yashin O.V., Yashin A.V.
The investigation of peculiarities of hydrogen atoms redistribution between different types of pores in fcc Ni nanowire under action of stretching deformation


Beznosyuk S.А., Terentyeva Yu.V., Nikolsky S.N.
Computer simulation of stability of nano-electromechanical chip semiconductor compounds of variable composition AlxGa1-xAs


Weckman A.V., Demyanov B.F.
Basic structural units of tilt grain boundaries with the misorientation axis [100]


Olimov M.G., Makarov S.V., Plotnikov V.A.
Extensive diffusion zone of intermetallic coatings on aluminum and its alloys


Protopopov E.A., Trofimova Yu.V., Protopopov A.A., Valter A.I., Malenko P.I.
On the relation between hardness and strength of a metal with generalized degrees of metallicity and covalence of the interatomic bond